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The Administrative and Town Planning Law

The Administrative and Town Planning Law Department protects the interests of its clients before the (state, regional and local) public authorities in all administrative contentious courts of law.
Our fields of activity and consulting encompass a wide range of areas, including town planning, the processing and granting of all types of licences and authorisations, expropriation, public procurement, the processing of all kinds of disciplinary and property liability actions, as well as assistance in the areas of health and pharmacy, the cadastre and municipal taxes, public service, the protection of fundamental rights, foreign persons and, in short, the preparation of all types of petitions, applications and appeals to the public authorities.

Town Planning:

  • Formulation and management of town planning.
  • Preparation of general, partial and special development plans.
  • Preparation of rezoning projects.
  • Establishment, management and development of Compensation Committees.

Licences and Authorisations:

  • Electrical.
  • Mining.
  • Water.
  • Waste.
  • Industrial activity.
  • Commercial, recreational and public activities.

Public procurement:

  • Administrative concessions.
  • Works contracts, contracts for the management of public services, supplies, consulting and aid.
  • Classification and registration of companies.
  • Preparation and drawing up of administrative clauses.

Cadastre and Municipal taxes:

  • Update, amendment, review and contesting of cadastral ownership and areas.
  • Property tax.
  • Capital gains tax.
  • Rates and special levies.
  • Development charges.

Foreign Persons:

  • Residence and work permits.
  • Family reunification.
  • Study permits.
  • Deportation appeals.
  • Nationality applications.